Wednesday, September 23, 2009

[Illustration] IronBird - "Fighter under the Light of Hope"

I just realized that I just put this post in the draft bin without publishing it for more than a year, stupid me!!!

So here presents Animia, the protagonist of  "The Battle Song of IronBird Chronicles", a story that I wrote for my final year project at Monash (it's in 2009, oh come I forgot to publish it)

You can see the other two illustrations of Animia under the illustration section in this blog, the relevant animation and showreel is also available :)

So basically, it is a mixture of adventure and war story filled with friendship, growth of teens tricks and love. It is a story that lives in world composed of both supernatural power and mechinical science.

Animia is a 15 year girl. Her unique color match of her eyes and white (white hair and red eyes) is a hidden message of the story. This color match also traps her into the national conspiracy and put her life in risks. So how can she and her dearest friends in the squad save her and the world? It will be a "battle of the white swans and the black raves" 

Hope you like it :)

[The original plot of the post 2 years ago]
This is another concept art for "IronBird".
A new design for the plot suit ^^
Animia's determined eyes are just so cool >w
"I am the one to end this fight!" said Animia.
Done in photoshop cs4.
Enjoy ^^