Sunday, July 28, 2013

神祕谷IX - 平行的時空 "Mystery Valley IX" @ HK Book Exhibition 2013

Hong Kong Book Exhibition 2013 means a lot to me!

Bcos it is the first time when my works are as products in the exhibition!!

When I saw my works were printed as banners on the booths and posters around the venue, no words can explain my feeling

And once again thanks for Mystery Valley's creators (Erica, Zendodric and Helen) giving me this opportunity to draw for this marvelous story!

Every time you turn around the corner, you see it!

Finally it is in the book exhibition HURRAY!

Posters all around the booth

Poster all around the booth again

Poster and banner all around the booth again and again... XD

My logo and name was presented in the "New Books Release Presentations"

It is in the middle of the entrance wahahahaha......

OMG! My work and Conan together in a shot! XD
Only one left from that mountain of books in 1 hour!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Illustrations for “Mystery Valley IX”

Hurray!!! My debut to be an illustrator for a children's novel - "Mystery Valley"!!
I must thanks for my friend, Helen who is one of the authors of this brilliant story, opening me the gate to the stage of novel illustrations!

I must also thanks for the 3 authors of the book, Erica, Zendodric and Helen for giving me this opportunity to draw for this beloved magical series!

My drawings are now in the book exhibition in Hong Kong!! I am so excited!!