Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Gods Hunter - the.Witch

This is the concept art of my new story "Gods Hunter". And this is one of the main Character, the.Witch.
"GH" is a story about the question of justice, judgment of right and wrongs, the battle of loyalty and betrayal.
The story is still in progress, hope I can finish it in the soon future~~
But one thing that I can tell is, you will love this witch.

IronBird Series got HONORS!

Wow! Although I have not written this till now, I have been  so happy for these months because of the serveral honors that my illustration art works got ^^
 "Fighter under the Light of Hope" (the middle one) was selected into the Official Competition  of Aniwow 2009 The 4th China (Beijing) International Student Animation Festival 
Here is  the certificate that I got from them, can you feel how excited I was as this's the first time that I got recognized from an international competition!!! 

Then "Fighter under the Light of Hope" also appears on different mediums for various purposes:

On real time Magazine - Monash University Postgraduate Studies Promo

On CGV-forum - Web Banner

 "Dance of Sparks" was also on~~~~~ -^^-
On Monash College Online Magazine - Graduate/ Alumni Award News

Here I would like to thank all the people who like my illustrations. I will keep on working and creating good works to execute my dreams and bring the world happiness XD!!!!!