Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I Don't Like Clipping My Fringe

When I was in primary school (when it was in the 90s, don't get it wrong :P), the teachers in my school were all very concerned about our hair styles. I remembered that we were asked to keep the fringe above our brows, otherwise we had to clip  or tie it up.

What I could not do in the past (nor I would do it now haha), I draw it out :)

Here, I would like to present you a young girl who doesn't like clipping her fringe~!

This is a work that I want to create a feel of the 1960s or 1970s. So I made a green flowery wall paper which just like those I saw in the movies from the 60s and 70s. Green wall paper is something that I would never have in my home, so I draw it out as well~~

I am still getting this girl a name, somehow haven't decided yet. If you have any good idea, please tell me :)

This red-hair girl has friends, they will be shown in the following drawing, cheers~~

Friday, May 27, 2011

Quick Sketch-Soul Eater Maka

Hahaha It's Maka again.
It's not that I like this character particularly, but I like drawing this character particularly (myself also wonder why) XD
So here you are, Maka in Pencil and Photoshop

Powerpoint Template design - Green ruler

Here will be the last template for the powerpoint set.
Again, you are welcomed to use them for your presentation with addressing my name :)
And again, if you wanna to redo the texts by me, please contact me at remiwonghm@gmail.com

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Powerpoint Template design - Green cubes (Illusion is the King)

This design is a bit tricky if you want to use the design directly because the font of logo is not that common, also the reflection of the logo varies when you type different words.
So if you don't mind, you can just use those in the grey box, or you can just contact me: remiwonghm@gmail.com

Powerpoint Template design - Brown Texture & Label (JCCA)

Another set ppt set again.
Same as said before, it would be nice if you can mention H.M.Remi when you use them for your presentation.
And I am available if your want me to help with the words design.
Contact me at remiwonghm@gmail.com

Powerpoint Template design - Blue Leaves and Bubbles (DOVE)

This is another set of the ppt template that  I did for the consumer behavior project about Dove.
You can see the look and feel of the templates with logos and words in the sample image.
You can just simply take the sample form as a reference for your layout. As I said earlier, it will be very nice of you if you can keep my copyright showed on the template, or just simply address me somewhere in your presentation ^^
I am also available for you if you need any help on the typography design~
Just contact me at my email address: remiwonghm@gmail.com

Powerpoint Template design - Coca Cola

Throughout the semesters in HKBU, I have been working on the designs for the ppt for my group projects and were welcomed by my friends at uni. So I would like to share the designs here in my blog.

You are welcomed to use them as the backgrounds for your ppt presentations, just pls address H.M.Remi at the presentation will be nice of you~~

So here is the set with the theme of Coca Cola~