Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Leaflet & Calendar Design + Web Design

This is the leaflet that I designed for Pricerite Smiley series. The picture on the right is the printed leaflet that I accidentally found at a Pricerite store (haha, so busy that forgot when it was published~)
Anyway, I was so happy to see my work placed in the stores~~

This is another project that I did at Capa Adv, a calendar design for GSK. The multiple die-cuts give layers to the design which makes the calendar look more fun and young.

And this is a website that I did the interface design for it (take care and don't get flu :)) click here

TVCs @ Capa Adv 2010Summer

These are the TVCs that I had taken part in when I was working at Capa Advertising
They were mainly played on RoadShow on the bus.

The first three videos are done for Ca-C. In this project, I did whole job on the pre-production, such as the storyboard, the design of the chat-room background, the little icons, the Ca-C characters, casting the models and animating the 3D tablet.
Then also I followed the whole process of the production and post-production with my colleagues. From screening to dubbing to publishing, I had been learned a lot and a lot!


The following one is the first TVC project that in my career. Similarly, done the storyboards, cast the model and believe it or not, I composed a bit as well~ Although it was just the few-keyboard notes at the beginning, this project really gave me a good start for understanding how TVC is produced in the real industry. (This is the whole version with all the animation that I made, it's a bit sad that some of  the animation was taken out, anyway, this's reality~~ Let me show it here la~~)


The last one is the TVC that I was just responsible for the post-production. Choosing the right shots was really a challenge~ And it's also fun to do the animation for the flying bottles~~

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Freelance - Hong Kong Auction Poster "Memorabilia"

It has been really a long time since the last time I make a new post here.
It wasn't because I have been lazy, it was just b'coz I am busy (at work and now at uni again~)
This (top) is the Freelance job that Hong Kong Auction offered. Thanks Brain~
It was quite happy to see my work displayed at the hotel lobby (middle) and the train station (bottom) :D
Anyway, at this time, allow me to wish all of you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
And pls look forward to my new pieces for the Chinese New Year~~