Monday, October 5, 2009

IronBird Character Prints 03 - Mirror for Lost Memory

Ok! This is the third piece of the Character Prints Collection.

Losing her memory, Animia lost her identity as well. She is now wearing the other country's army uniform.

This magical water which lights come through the centre of the ripples, from bottom to the top, is reflecting Animia's true self, but she, herself cannot see it. Audience, you are the one knowing this!

Will she meet her friends on the battle fields? Will she find back her memory? Or will she fight with them till die?..... I will not tell here, of course, please wait for the animation ~~~~

Enjoy again!

software: Photoshop CS4

IronBird Character Prints 02 - Dance of Sparks

Yeah~~~~ this is the second illustration for the character prints collection XD
It is entitled as "Dance of Spark" because there are sparks "dancing" both in the background which are the fire balls from the sky and the magic ball in the foreground.

This illustration is another concept art to show how the IB's works - magical~~~

Used a lot of time testing how to make the magic ball look powerful and dynamic, now it still work (hopefully ^^)

Enjoy enjoy enjoy~~~

Software: Photoshop CS4